New Year’s Eve by Kong Shiu Loon

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a time to show filial piety
When family members gather before the alter solemnly
To offer incense food wine and bows to ancestors and the deity
When children accept lucky money thankfully and cheeringly

New Year’s Eve is too
A time for sumptuous food
When chicken meat is succulent and goose liver so good
When thick puddings took a year to plan and days to cook

Bright red couplets are hung beside all doors early in the day
Good-wish verses written in the finest calligraphy displayed
As firecrackers are fired to ward off any demon around
Their loud cracks set off a festive mood to old and young

The end of year is a time to review the work done
In preparing the land for planting and harvesting
In using Nature’s facilities to generate productivity
Reflecting on missed opportunities when we are tardy

A year ends and begins marked by a fine line at midnight
At dawn New Year’s Day is celebrated with vibrant hope so fine
Nature promises a future full of mystery and opportunity
With skill and diligence one can go from victory to victory

New Year’s Day is an occasion for children to take center stage
They are the generational links and hopes of loving parentage
The power base of life in human continuity
Their growth and development attest a community’s ingenuity

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