Two Bilingual Nursery Rhymes__Kong Shiu Loon

小公雞,大紅帽                                  Little Rooster, Big Red Hat

小公雞                                              Little rooster
懂禮貎                                              Polite always he appears
見了太陽叫聲好                                  Saying hello to the morning sun
太陽公公笑呵呵                                  Father sun laughs happily singing ho ho ho
送牠一頂大紅帽                                  Giving him a big red hat to behold

採蘑菇                                             Gathering Mushrooms

黑兔和白兔                                        Rabbit black and rabbit white
上山採蘑菇                                        Gathering mushrooms on hills high
小猴和小鹿                                        Little monkey and small deer
一起來幫助                                        Joining in to help and to care
猴和兔,鹿和兔                                  Rabbit and monkey, deer and rabbit
高高興興採蘑菇                                  Happily they gather mushrooms bit by bit

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