School Mission 30 July 2012 __SL Kong

I watch parents and toddlers march under a burning sun
Common citizens
They shout minds of a single concern
That children not in a single ideology learn

Fears reflect events of only recent history
When schools closed so students go where’re to do wrong
That heroism was symbolized with a blank exam paper
That the only song sung was in praise of a man-made sun

Memories abound of people risking lives to leave the motherland
To seek comfort and opportunity in a colony
Many adult marchers today are children and persons in this company
They fear a resurrection of power characteristic of similar hands

I hear bureaucratic replies parroting an only theme
That citizen voices are heard but government supreme
That power is what governing mission to be
To control minds least people go wild and free

I dream of schools where teachers are dedicated to one mission
To help children and adults set their mind and spirit free
To nurture self-confidence and individuality
To encourage aspirations and creativity

I dream of schools where children learn to cipher and sing
To read and write and account for glorious inventions in history
To draw and cut and to keep things neat and people in harmony
To try and thrive when difficulty challenges a fine future to be

I dream of schools when basic human dignity is held in respect
When children recognize parental guidance and authority
When competition must make way to achievement of excellence
When every child believes in himself as he believes others in company

I dream of a society where a leader holds not a contrived goal of power
That leaders are open in generating cooperativeness to exceed
To foster prosperity geared to improving human conditions
To satisfy individual as well as social needs in viable aspirations

I dream of a nation which finds its definition in unity and share goals
A nation of confident and educated citizens ready to shake hands with the world
A nation that heeds her historic mistakes and upholds her cultural heritage
A nation whose education is free from ideological bondage but only free

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