Say “No” to Bill 13

Dear All,

My school recently has had an assembly on anti-bullying which includes anti-bullying against homophobia.  A presenter from the school board speaks strongly favourably for acceptance of same sex partnership including display of affection publicly which by inference would also include all sexual gestures between partners of the same sex.

I guess other schools would have similar assemblies.  I feel perfectly ok with anti-bullying but very uncomfortable with the acceptance of same sex partnership [please note I don’t reject same same sex friendship]!

The pass of Bill 13 will mean that it’s mandatory that schools and their teachers should teach or instill the thinking into the students and it’ll be illegal not to do it.  I’ve signed “NO” to Bill 13.  It’s up to you to decide.

If you have similar thinking as me, please sign the petition!!!

Monica Tang
(former teacher at WYK, 1978~94)

Fountain of Love and Life 生命恩泉, has the episode on this topic on air, April 22 at Fairchild TV 新時代電視

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  1. Brian says:

    Hi Ms. Tang,

    Didn’t know Canada has become so “liberal” (about same sex partnership) yet so “restrictive” (pass a law) about same sex partnership! Anyway, I was your student (one of the doctor gang) during late 80s and just want to say hi to you! Hope you will forgive my awkwardness. Sorry! How are you? Not sure how often you visit this site (it’s my first time). You know, you (and Ms. Leung) really taught us a lot of English and I really want to say many thanks (m sure my peers would agree, no hesitation)! I still remember you took us out to TST to interview the “gwei lo”, how creative and brave you were! And that you never spoke a word of Cantonese (unless absolutely necessary e.g we all looked at you looking dumbfounded or blank) during your English class. Some memories at youth really stick to you!

    Feel free to email me and tell me how you have been!

    With best regards,
    Brian (in HK)

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