Top 10 Reasons Canada opting out of Kyoto

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

1. Climate change already happening. Too late to intervene. Might as well let our big businesses make some money before the end.

2. Attention all polluters, we are in this together, obviously, we share equal responsibility. Equal partnership. Or opt out.

3. Peter said, Steve told me to do it.

4. Imagine, no more snow, a second spring for us Canadians.

5. We have more pressing issues to attend to, for example, Attawapiskat.

6. No UN Security Council seat, no Kyoto.

7. We are number 1, the first nation to withdraw from Kyoto.

8. What climate changes, all these flooding, drought, forest fire, snow storms, typhoons, or even, earthquake, tsunami, all natural phenomena. God’s design.

9. It’s a global political con game.

10. We are not the biggest polluter, look, all merchandise are made in China.

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