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鹿柴 王維 (701-761)

空山不見人  但聞人語響
返景入深林  復照青苔上

The Deer Place      Wang Wei (701-761) 江紹倫譯

The hill vacant no one is seen
Chats are heard within
Deep in the woods this reflecting scene
On moss covered ground mirrors serene

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終南山 王維 (701-761)

太乙近天都  連山接海隅
白雲回望合  青靄入看無
分野中峰變  陰晴眾壑殊
欲投人處宿  隔水問樵夫 

Mt. Zhongnan     Wang Wei (701-761) 江紹倫譯

The premier peak Taiyi sours high near Heaven Gate
The mountian reaches to link with the seaway
As I turn to see white clouds circle in flight
The peak disappears in mists lost from sight
Changes at mid-peak make celestial zones clear
Shady or vivid ravines and gorges appear
To seek a homely place to pass the night
Across the water I ask a woodcutter at riverside

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《送元二使安西》* (唐)王维



Farewell to Yuan II on a Mission to Anxi *   Wang Wei (699-759)  

Tr. YK Chan  陈耀国译

Morning rain dusts Wei City clean,

Willows by the inn shimmer green.

Down yet another glass thee I pray,

Exit west from Sun Pass old friends fade.


*又名《渭城曲》、《阳关曲》、《陽关三叠》、或《赠别》。Also known as “Melody of Wei City”, “Sun Pass Melody”, “Three Refrains of Sun Pass”, or “Farewell”.

古筝自伴女中音独唱 Mezzo-soprano solo self-accompanied on the zhen:


古琴独奏 Guqin solo:

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《山中》王維 (701-761)


In the Mountain          Wang Wei (701-761)        江紹倫譯

O’er white pebbles a clear stream glides
E’en in cold days no red leaves are found on hillsides
There is no trace of rain on the hilly paths
My clothes are moistened in the green bath

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獨坐幽篁裡  彈琴复長嘯
深林人不知  明月來相照

A Cot on Bamboo Hill            Wang Wei(701-761)        江紹倫譯

I sat alone in a bamboo grove
Playing the lute I croon having nothing to prove
Here in the deep wood no one knows me
The moon my friend cares to shine on me

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雜詩 (唐)王維(701-761)

君自故鄉來  應知故鄉事
來日綺窗前  寒梅著花未

A Recontre     Wang Wei(698-756)江紹倫譯

Since you just came from my native land
I wonder if you hold large and small events in hand
Whence you passed by the window of my home
Was the winter plum already in bloom

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獨在異鄉為異客        每逢佳節倍思親
遙知兄弟登高處        遍插茱萸少一人

To my Brothers on Double-Nine Festival                江紹倫譯

Alone a stranger I remain in foreign land
At every festival I pine for my dear ones in fervent
From here I can see my brothers ascending the mountains with fun
Everywhere they plant dogwood spray but find the team missing one

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積雨輞川莊作 (唐)王維

積雨空林煙火遲      蒸藜炊黍餉東菑
漠漠水田飛白鷺      陰陰夏木囀黃鸝
山中習靜觀朝槿      松下清齋折露葵
野老與人爭席罷      海鷗何事更相疑

At My Wanchuan Retreat During Rain                   江紹倫譯

The rain-soaked forest has my firewood delayed
I cook millet and vegetable to entertain
Over the spacious water fields egrets glide
In the shaded summer woods yellow orioles cry
Quietly I watch the althea thrive in the morning sun
And dine with friendly pines savouring dewy mallows with fun
A rustic old man I’m now folks befriend me in delight
Why seagulls stay in air suspicious and not alight

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中歲頗好道    晚家南山陲
興來每獨往    勝事空自知
行到水窮處    坐看雲起時
偶然值林叟    談笑無還期

Retirement at South Hill                   江紹倫譯

I became at mid-life a true believer of Dao
I retire to settle at the foot of South Hill when old
Here I loiter at will with not much in mind
And review in solitude the good deeds I’ve left behind
I saunter to where the mountain stream no longer flows
I sit waiting to watch rising clouds afloat
By chance I meet a firewood gatherer as I roam
We chat and cheer forgetting ’tis time to return home

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送別 王維

下馬飲君酒    問君何所之
君言不得意    歸臥南山陲
但去莫複問    白雲無盡時

Farewell       Wang Wei                                                                       江紹倫譯

We dismounted our horses to have a cup of wine
I ask for your destination before we say good-bye
You say you have left your unhappy career aside
And on your way home where South Mount stands behind
I say not a word more as I see you on your way
Knowing well you’ll have no lack of white clouds for company where you stay

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