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雙雙燕 史達祖(1163-1220)


過春社了    度簾幕中間  去年塵冷
差池欲住    試入舊巢相並
還相雕樑藻井      又軟語商量不定
飄然快拂花梢      翠尾分開紅影

芳徑  芹泥雨潤
愛貼地爭飛  競誇輕俊
紅樓歸晚    看足柳暗花暝
應自棲香正穩      便忘了天涯芳信
愁損翠黛雙蛾      日日畫闌獨憑

Swallow Song              Shi Ta Zu(1163-1220)             江紹倫譯
Tune: Pairs of Swallow

Spring is half gone
Between curtains and screen on my door
Last year’s nest stays its mud hard and cold

Wishing to test on a ready made home
A pair of swallows visits to see on their own

Painted ceilings and carved beams they know
Twittering they debated their decision not known
O’er flower beds they wing to and flow
Their fork tails cast moving red shadows

Along the welcoming way
Where rain has moistened clods of clay
The pair flies low in a happy race
Competing on their swift flights so gay

On the evening they return late
Flying between willows and floral maze
They perch in the nest now fragrant and save
Oblivious of a message they were trust to convey

Her anxiety from longing shown on knitted eyebrows
The resident lady waits for her lover by day and by hour

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