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《凉州詞》王之涣 (688-742) 江紹倫英譯

《凉州詞》王之涣 (688-742)  〔又名《出塞》〕yellow river_1 copy

黃河遠上白雲間    一片孤城萬仞山
羌笛何須怨楊柳    春風不度玉門關

《To the Frontier》   by   Wang Zhi Huan (688-742)

The Yellow River rises to meet white clouds above
A lone Wall guards ten thousand mounts so proud
The Mongol flute will not sing songs of willows
Beyond the Jade Pass no vernal breeze would follow

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豋鹳雀樓 王之涣 (688-742)

白日依山盡 黃河入海流
欲窮千里目 更上一層樓

Ascending the Heron Tower             江紹倫  譯

The white sun diminishes o’er the mountain top
The ocean-bound Yellow River flows non-stop
To see a grandeur view a thousand li from here
One more flight up the tower it will be near

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