Category: Poems by – 唐玄宗 (712-756)

經魯祭孔子而歎之 唐玄宗(712-756)

夫子何為者  栖栖一代中
地猶鄹氏邑  宅即魯王宮
嘆鳳嗟身否  傷麟怨道窮
今看兩楹奠  當與夢時同

Honouring Confucius at Lu   Tang Xian Zhon(712-756) 江紹倫譯

What did you strive to teach honourable sage
Busying yourself here and there in your time always
This being the Lu territory in bygone days
Palace the Duke of Lu had his family happily raised

Whence the Phoenix gone did you bemoan your ill-fate
The Unicorn absent you might regret your ideals berate
As we pour libations to honour you with deep bows
You can rest in peace we now defend your teachings with vows

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