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《無題》寒山 (唐)__ 江紹倫英譯

《無題》寒山 (唐)  《No Title》 Han Shen (Tang Dynasty)

自樂平生道   My way of life features self-recreation
煙蘿石洞間   Living in a cave up on high mountain
野情多放曠   ’Tis a natural feeling of being wild and free
長伴白雲間   With white clouds keeping me company Continue reading

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杳杳寒山道 (唐)寒山

杳杳寒山道  落落冷澗濱
啾啾常有鳥  寂寂更無人
淅淅風吹面  紛紛雪積身
朝朝不見日  歲歲不知春

The Cold Hill Way     Han Shen         江紹倫譯

Long long the way to Cold Hill
Inward inward the waterside chill
Chirp chirp I hear many a singing bird
Silent silent no one here to say any word
Crisp crisp winds blow across my face
Flake after flake snow covers my body
I look every morning and see no sun
I search every year meeting no spring

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