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《吃茗粥作》儲光羲(707-760) 江紹倫英譯

《On Eating Tea Congee》Chu GuangxiTea_set 

當晝暑氣盛  The mid-day heat is at its high
鳥雀靜不飛  Birds are too lazy to fly
念君高梧陰  I fancy you resting under a plane tree shade
復解山中衣  Your hill clothes open for cooling in haste
數片遠雲度  Clouds roam far two or three
曾不蔽炎暉  They had not shade the heat free Continue reading

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垂釣綠灣春  春深杏花亂
潭清疑水淺  荷動知魚散
日暮待情人  維舟綠楊岸

Fishing Bay                Chu Guang Xi (707-760)          江紹倫譯

I fish at Green Bay on a fine spring day
Apricots blossom wild on these late spring days
Seeing water clear I suspect the pool to be shallow
Watching moves of lotus plants I know where fishes go
I wait for my lover to appear when the sun sets low
And moor my boat on a bank of green willows

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