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《To Li Cao in a Drizzling Evening》 Wei Yingwu

楚江微雨裡  A light drizzle along the Yangzi River
建業暮鐘時  The Evening toll in Nanjing sounds near
漠漠帆來重  Broad sails moving leisurely following the rain
冥冥鳥去遲  Homing birds fly slowly on laden wings Continue reading

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《喜園中生茶》韋應物 (737-792) 江紹倫英譯

《Happy to Grow Tea in My Garden》Wei Yingwu 

潔性不可污  Its pure character must not meet with sully
為飲滌塵煩  Drinking it could wash clean all anxiety
此物信靈味  This thing tastes really supreme
聊因理郡馀  It comes from a land of greens Continue reading

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《東郊》韋應物(約737-792)__ 江紹倫英譯

《Suburb East》  Wei Yingwusuburb east

吏舍局終年  Confined to official courts all year long

出郊曠清曙  In the countryside I breathe fine and strong

楊柳散和風  Wavy willows allow gentle breezes through

青山澹吾慮  My concerns are dismissed by the verdant hills Continue reading

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《夕次盱眙縣》 韋應物 __ 江紹倫英譯

《夕次盱眙縣》   韋應物 (約737-792)

落帆逗淮鎮  停舫臨孤驛
浩浩風起波  冥冥日沉夕
人歸山郭暗  雁下蘆洲白
獨夜憶秦關  聽鐘未眠客

Mooring in Xuyi at Dusk  Wei Yingwu

My sail lowered I board this way-side town
To a lone pier my boat moors sound
Gales ruffle sending waves on shore
Deep into dusk the western sun is seen no more
To the dimming hillside town I gradually return
Tiring geese alight on a white reed isle they earned
Alone a traveler to home I pine
Counting distant bells through this sleepless night

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秋夜寄邱員外 (唐)韋應物 (736- ???)


To Master Qiu in an autumn night                 Wei Ying Wu (736 – ???) 江紹倫譯

I pine for you this autumn night
Strolling alone I sing of the cold season in rhyme
High up in the empty mountain pine cones solitarily fall
You my eremite friend will not be awake for long

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滁州西澗 (唐)韋應物(約737-792)

獨憐幽草澗邊生    上有黃鸝深樹鳴
春潮帶雨晚來急    野渡無人舟自橫

A Stream West of Chuxhou               Wei Yin Wu(737-792)江紹倫譯

Fondly I walk at riverside where green grass grow
Deep in a nearby wood orioles sing melodies of old
Swelling from rain spring tides rise fast towards dusk
A vacant night ferry makes its athwart float as it must

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寄李儋元錫 (唐)韋應物(約737-792)

去年花里逢君別    今日花開又一年
世事茫茫難自料    春愁黯黯獨成眠
身多疾病思田裡    邑有流亡愧俸錢
聞道欲來相問訊    西樓望月幾回圓

To Li Dan       Wei Yin Wu(737-792)江紹倫譯

We met and parted last year in flower season
Flowers bloom again ’tis another year at present
Worldly affairs are so changeable to my dismay
Worries many even in spring I lie in bed thoughts far away
In ill health I think of my rural homestead with fond memory
I feel shameful I can’t help the hungry folks with my meagre salary
Ever since I got word of your impending visit here
I’ve been watching for full moon and our reunion comes near

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寄全椒山中道士 (唐)韋應物(約737-792)

今朝郡齋冷  忽念山中客
澗底束荊薪  歸來煮白石
欲持一瓢酒  遠慰風雨夕
落葉滿空山  何處尋行跡

To my Friend the Taoist Hermit       Wei Yin Wu(737-792)江紹倫譯

‘Tis so cold in my study this morn
I think of you living deep in the mount
Gathering dry twigs from the river bed
I boil white pebbles for soup and dine so glad
A gourd of my best brew for you I wish to deliver
In this rainy cold eve so we may share together
Fallen leaves have the hills covered slope to slope
Where could I find traces of you to fulfil this hope

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