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烈女操__孟郊 (751-814)

A Faithful Widow__Meng Jiao   (751-814)烈女操

Plane trees of different genders grow old together
Mandarin ducks live and die in pairs a wonder
A faithful wife stands ready to die sacrificial
Life lost is accepted as natural
My heart is still as water in an old well
It has no possible ripples to tell

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游子吟 (唐)孟郊(751-814)

慈母手中線     遊子身上衣
臨行密密縫     意恐遲遲歸
誰言寸草心     報得三春暉 

A Roamer Sings         Meng Jiao(751-814)            江紹倫譯

Needle and thread in mother’s hand
Preparing clothes for a son going to far away land
Sewing stitches quicken as parting draws near
His return may be in delay mother fears
Who says a son’s casual affection
Is adequate in return for Mum’s undivided devotion

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