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除夜有懷 (唐)崔塗

迢遞三巴路  羈危萬里身
亂山殘雪夜  孤燭異鄉人

漸與骨肉遠  轉於僮僕親 
那堪正飄泊  明日歲華新

Thoughts on New Year’s Eve       Cui Tu       江紹倫譯

Far and wide the roads to Ba country in the west
Ten thousand li away from home my heart knows no rest
Amid the snow covered hills I pass the night
A stranger I remain by candle light

Farther and farther I stay away from my dear kins
Servants befriend me their care goes without hints
O how I loath to remain in this roving life
On New Year’s Day tomorrow I’ll begin anew out right

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