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黃鶴樓 (唐)崔顥 (704?-754)

昔人已乘黃鶴去    此地空餘黃鶴樓
黃鶴一去不復返    白雲千載空悠悠
晴川歷歷漢陽樹    芳草萋萋鸚鵡洲
日暮鄉關何處是    煙波江上使人愁

The Yellow Crane Tower       Cui Hao           江紹倫譯

The resident immortal has left with the legend yellow crane
What remains in this empty tower is only in name
Whence the yellow crane gone its soul will not return again
White clouds timelessly drift free of any concern for loss or gain

On a sunny day every tree stands on the wide plain clear
Sweet grass thrive on Parrot Islet their aroma drifts near
Where O Where is my homeland beyond the setting sun
The Han River’s misty ripples make my yearning for home run

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