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《與趙莒茶宴》錢起(722-780) 江紹倫英譯

《與趙莒茶宴》錢起(722-780) 《A Tea Party with Zhao Ju》Qian QiTea_set

Friends of Bamboo understand one another sipping teas purple
An association tighter than Daoists tipsy with Immortal Brew
Emotional cares washed clear silent words have much to say
A tree of singing cicadas precipitates but a light shade

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《歸雁》 (唐)錢起 (722-780)


《The Returning Geese 》           Qian Qi (722-780)                   江紹倫譯

Why leave where you were for here so easily geese
Blue water white sands beneath mossy river banks designed to please
As the River Goddess plays the zither of twenty-five strings this moonlit night
Will you not be touched by the many regrets each string sings nigh

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《湘靈鼓瑟》 (唐)錢起(722-780)

善鼓雲和瑟        常聞帝子靈
馮夷空自舞        楚客不堪聽
苦調淒金石        清音入杳冥
蒼梧來怨慕        白芷動芳馨
流水傳湘浦        悲風過洞庭
曲終人不見        江上數峰青

相傳錢起於天寶十年(751)赴考省試,宿於鎮江旅舍,夢中再三聽見有人吟詩曰,  [曲終人下見,江上數峰青]。第二天他到了試場,看見試題是[[湘靈鼓瑟]]正好用這兩個句子終結答卷。因為他的答卷得到試官的嘆賞,他順利進士。


《Musical Soul of the Xiang River 》      Qian Qi(722-780)        江紹倫譯

The booms of her drum harmonize with the zither to please the clouds
From yonder the Saintly Emperor’s soul is aroused
Dances the Water Goddess so gay
Southerners listen in daze
Her performance induces metal and stone to sing drearily
The clear tones fuse with echoes in space merrily
The old plane tree is moved to express its admiration
Scented white reeds release perfume for saturation
The music flows with the Xaing River to its extent
Then veers across Dong Ting Lake raising a whirl of desolation
No one can be found whence the melodies ended
On upper river verdant peaks silently stand

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送僧歸日本 (唐)錢起(722-780)

上國隨緣住        來途若夢行
浮天滄海遠        去世法舟輕
水月通禪寂        魚龍聽梵聲
惟憐一燈影        萬里眼中明

Seeing a Japanese Bonze Off to Home        Qian Qi(722-780)        江紹倫譯

By divine design you had come to our country to learn
The voyage you took could be part of a dreamy sojourn
The sea boundless is far like the sky’s extent
Sailed on Buddhist blessings your vessel light and transcend
Water and moon are both objects of Zen tranquillity
Fish and dragon are moved by chants of the Sutra so heavenly
Held high a solitary lamp can enlighten your mind with insight
Ten thousand li from here will you see us with eyes so bright

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谷口書齋寄楊補闕 (唐)錢起(722-780)

泉壑帶茅茨        雲霞生薜帷
竹憐新雨後        山愛夕陽時
閒鷺棲常早        秋花落更遲
家童掃蘿徑        昨與故人期

To My Friend Yang From my Study Qian Qi(722-780)        江紹倫譯

Around my cottage a winding brook meanders
To my straw screen clouds leave their colours
Bamboos look affectionate when newly washed by rain
Hills love the sun in its setting splendour
Idle stocks roast in their places early before the eve
Autumn flowers here are slow to shed their leaves
My house boy has swept clean the overgrown path for thee
A dear old friend I earnestly waiting to see

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