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博山寺作 辛棄疾(1140-1207)


不向長安路上行    卻教山寺厭逢迎
味無味處求吾樂    材不材間過此生



At the Bo Shen Temple       Xin Qi Ji(1140-1207) 江紹倫譯
Tune: Partridge Sky

Road to the Capital I no longer seek
Toward the temple friendly monks are hard to meet
I’ve learned to derive taste from foods brand
And led a life unconcerned if my talent its use grand

Myself I am
Than a servitor of fame

Leaving worldly affairs I’ve now returned to till the land
Every pine and bamboo is a true friend
Wild birds and flowers brothers and sisters hand in hand

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《青玉案 – 元夕》 (宋)辛棄疾 (1140-1207) 江紹倫英譯

更吹落      星如雨
鳳簫聲動    玉壺光轉

驀然回首    那人卻在

《Tune: Green Jade Desk – Lantern Festival》 Xin Qi Ji

A thousand trees agrow with flowers and breezes
Everywhere laughter hisses
We bring down stars in a shower
The road fragrant with prized steeds hurrying carved carriages through
The air filled with music vibrating from ringing flutes
Wine jars of jade pour and turn in good mood
Through the night lanterns of fish or dragon danced with the best moves

Wearing blouses embroidered with golden moths and white willow
Delightful maidens sweep by giggling leaving a trail of scent mellow
I looked for my maiden a thousand rounds in the crowd
Whence I turned my head
There she was amid dim lanterns lights subdue

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武陵春 (宋)辛棄疾(1140-1207)

走去走來三百里    五日以為期    六日歸時已是疑    應是望多時

鞭個馬兒歸去也    心急馬行遲    不免相煩喜鵲兒    先報那人知

Tune:  Spring in Peach Blossom Country        Xin Qi Ji (1140-1207)          江紹倫譯 

To complete a round trip of three hundred li
It would take five days you told me
Now I suspect it may take an extra day
And worry anxiety may overwhelm your wait

Asking my horse to gallop more hurriedly
My impatience grows as it trots but slowly
Shouting to a passing magpie I ask it to help me
Fly quick to let my friend know home I shall be

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西江月 遣興 (宋)辛棄疾(1140-1207)

醉裡且貪歡笑    要愁那得工夫    近來始覺古人書    信著全無是處

昨夜松邊醉倒    問松我醉何如    只疑松動要來扶    以手推松曰去。

Self-reflection        Xin Qi Ji  (1140-1207)                 江紹倫譯
Tune:   Moon Over the West River                   

I love to laugh in delight even when drunk
No time to grieve
Books of ancient saints may say their fill
Those words should ne’er be taken seriously still

I got drunk beside a pine tree last night
It asked me why I like being drunk
I sensed the tree was trying to hold me right
Keep off I said and pushed away its trunk

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