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《採桑子》納蘭性德 (1655 – 1685) 江紹倫英譯


明月多情應笑我  笑我如今  辜負春心  獨自閒行獨自吟
近來怕說當時事  結遍蘭襟  月淺燈深  夢裡雲歸何處尋

《Tune: Gathering Mulberries》Nalan Xinde

The caring moon should laugh at me
Laugh the way that is me
Oblivious of this beautiful spring
Alone I stroll and alone I sing

Reluctant to recall the way we were
Our friendship truthful and adored
The midnight lamp burning deep the moon fading
In my dream I ride on clouds not knowing wherein

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『蝶戀花』納蘭性德 (1655-1685) __江紹倫英譯

『蝶戀花』納蘭性德 (1655-1685)

眼底風光留不住  和暖和香  又上雕鞍去  欲倩煙絲遮別路  垂楊那是相思樹
惆悵玉顏成間阻  何事東風  不作繁華主  斷帶依然留乞句  斑騅一繫無尋處

《Tune: Butterfly loves flowers》Nalan Xingde (1655-1685)

Happy days gone cannot be retained
Warmth and fragrance in harmony gained
They pass away like galloping horses
How I’d like to see you more only blocked by smoke
Also willow branches they are symbols for pinning

It is painful to recall your beautiful face from screens
Why ye east wind
Helps not to bring back fond memories of yore
On your severed belt is written our love verses
Words faded the verses are no more

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《琵琶仙: 中秋》納蘭性德(1655-1685) __江紹倫英譯

《琵琶仙: 中秋》納蘭性德mid-autumn

碧海年年   試問取   冰輪為誰圓缺   吹到一片秋香   清輝瞭如雪   愁中看好天良夜   知道盡成悲咽   只影而今   那堪重對   舊時明月

花徑裡   戲捉迷藏   曾惹下蕭蕭井梧葉    記否輕紈小扇   又幾番涼熱   只落得   填膺百感  總茫茫   不關離別   一任紫玉無情   夜寒吹裂

《Tune: Pi Pa Immortals – Mid-Autumn》 Nalan Xingde (1655-1685)

Green clear sky year by year
I ask
For whom the moon crests and fully appears Continue reading

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金縷曲 慰西溟 (清) 納蘭性德(1655-1685)

但由他    天公簸弄
須知道  福因才折
背高城  玉笛吹成血

且乘閑    五湖料理
須不羨  承明班列
任西風  吹冷長安月

Comforting a Friend    Nalan Xingde  (1655-1685)                江紹倫譯
Tune:   Song of Golden Tread

Why reinforce misery
Leave it to the power on high in a wee
Insist not in being sully
Life is more disappointing than satisfactory
Most people complain not in history
Heaven dislikes the able and favours the ordinary
I relax on my rude couch to watch the Dipper
Beyond the city wall a flute laments its cadence bitter
A drum booms out the hour from the watchtower
The night is darkest in the small hours

A man ought not to seek patronage
On a boat light as a leave
I sail the five lakes in glee
‘Tis useless to waste tears copious like autumn rain
Let sad feelings loose on a wide plain for butterflies to wing
Do not envy people in government office
Trapped in the dizzy whirl of endless business
Let the west wind blow in the capital by moonlight
O solemn temples
Floral snow

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〈尋芳草‧蕭寺紀夢〉 (清) 納蘭性德(1655-1685)

夢相伴    綺窗冷和

準擬待    曉鐘敲破
乍偎人    一閃鐙花墮

Dream in a Temple     Nalan Xingde  (1655-1685)                   江紹倫譯
Tune:  Looking for My Lover

How could I pass the night in this inn
With you in my dream
Sharing poems by the window
You cajole in a giggle
Were it not for pitying your yearning
Would I’ve come into your dream

You and I come and go in too much rush
When we are surely together
To last till bells toll in the morning
I wake to recall you fell off my arms in a light dimmed
Before me a radiant world confronts me with a big beam

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