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《西河 • 金陵懷古》 周邦彥(1056-1121)__ 江紹倫英譯

《Tune: West Rill • Remembering the Ancient Capital》 Zhou Bang Yan (1056-1121)
佳麗地  The land of exceptional beauties
南朝盛事誰記  Who records the prosperity of the Six Dynaties
山圍故國繞清江  Rills meander round hills in the old country
髻鬢對起  A pair of green hills guards the river flow
怒濤寂寞打孤城  Surging billows pound the city walls powerful
風檣遙度天際  Toward the horizon tall sails steadily go

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《滿庭芳: 夏日漂水無想山作》周邦彥(1057-1121) __ 江紹倫英譯

《Tune: Fragrant Courtyard_ Summer Thoughts》Zhou Bang Yan

風老鶯雛 In balmy winds young orioles learn to fly
雨肥梅子 Rains abundant plums thrive
午陰佳樹清園 In the mid-day sun the tree spreads round and cool
地卑山近 Surrounding the small plain hills seem nigh
衣潤費爐煙 Our clothes wet getting dried on smoky fire
人靜鳥鳶自樂 In the quietude people sit while birds make merry
小橋外,新淥濺濺 Beyond the red bridge a green stream chatters leisurely
憑闌久 On the rail I lean my mind preoccupied
黃蘆苦竹,疑泛九江船 Identifying myself with the fate of a poet friend in exile
In the tangle of weeds and bamboos
His life condemned in taboo Continue reading

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蝶戀花 (北宋) 周邦彥(1056-1121)

更漏将闌  轤轆牽金井

去意徘徊  别語愁難聽

Butterflies linger on flowers             Zhou Bang Yan (1056-1121)  江紹倫譯

The nesting birds are unsettling in bright moonlight
The water-clock is about to drip out the night
As the windlass lifts water from the Well of Gold
I wake suddenly to see your staring eyes so bright
Your pillow is wet with tears now cold

I grasp your hands as the frosty breeze lifts your hair in flow
I loath to leave
Fearing to hear you say adieu
When the Plough appears beyond the railing upstairs
I’ll be far from here in the cold of dews
Only the cock’s crow will remain with you

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蘇幕遮 周邦彥(1057-1121)



Tune: Blinded By Silk Drapes       Zhou Bang Yan  (1057-1121)    江紹倫譯

I lighted incense sweet
To temper the steaming heat
Birds chirp begging for sunshine
On my eave they announced a day so fine
Last night’s raindrops remaining on leaves dried
Within water round and clean
Lotus flowers stand tall against the wind serene

Home is far away
Whence will I return to stay
My family lives south of the city gate
Why a visitor here in the Capital should I prolong my stay
Fishermen may still remember me in the summer
On a light boat I row as I beam
Entering lotus land in my dream

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蝶戀花(商調秋思) 周邦彥(1057-1121)



Tune:  Butterfly Loves Flower       Zhou Bang Yan  (1057-1121)    江紹倫譯 

Nesting birds are startled by a moon too bright
The water-clock drips out by the dwindling night
As the wind maid draws water from the Well of Gold
You wake me up and gaze my face with pearly eyes bright
Tears roll down our pillow wetting its cotton cold

We hold hands as frigid air lifts locks on your brow
We loathe knowing our time together is running out
Words of farewell are too sad for the ear
Beyond the rails upstairs the Plough appears
On frosty dews you are far as cock-crows fill the air

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