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《水調歌頭:遊覽》 黃庭堅 (1045-1105) 江紹倫英譯

  《Tune:Prelude to Water Melody: Seeing as I go》 Huang Ting Jian

瑤草一何碧                       Divine Grasses are green all over
春入武陵溪                       Spring at Peach Flower Valley hover
溪上桃花無數                  Where peach flowers bloom in huge numbers
枝上有黃鸝                       Oriels on every branch linger
我欲穿花尋路                  I try to find my path through the flowers
直入白雲深處                  To enter where clouds flow
浩氣展虹霓                       And feel the grandeur of the rainbow
只恐花深裏                       My concern rests with the flowers
紅露濕人衣                       Their red dews may wet my clothes

坐玉石 倚玉枕                Reclining against a boulder I sit
拂金徽                               And adjust notes melodic
謫仙何處                           Where is Li Bai the legend poet
無人伴我白螺杯              Who would drink with me this minute
我為靈芝仙草                  I seek for grass immortal
不為朱唇丹臉                  Not for fame or worldly materials
長嘯亦何為                       I croon to no avail
醉舞下山去                       Tipsy I walk down the hill carefully
明月逐人歸                       The moon follows me home willingly

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《病起荊江亭即事》黃庭堅 (1245-1305) __ 江紹倫英譯

《Thoughts While Sick》 Huang Ting Jian

翰墨場中老伏波   Fielding ink and literature this old man contemplates
菩提坊里病維摩   Under the Bhoddie tree Buddha’s questioning remains
近人積水無鷗鷺   The pond nearby attracts no gull nor cranes to hover
時有歸牛浮鼻過   Homeward buffaloes swim keeping heads above water

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《西江月*茶》《題落星寺 (三) 》《踏莎行 * 茶詞》黃庭堅(1045-1105) __ 江紹倫英譯

《西江月*茶》《Tune: Moon Over West River * Tea》Huang Ting Jian

龍焙頭綱春早              The prized Dragon Bake arrived by logistics in early spring
谷簾第一泉香              Valley Window the Premier Spring its fragrance swing
已醺浮蟻嫩鵝黃          In the simmering yellow broth swells the ant like bubbles
想見翻成雪浪              Waiting for churns of snow-white ripples Continue reading

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《清平樂晚春》(宋) 黃庭堅(1045~1105) __ 江紹倫英譯

春歸何處          寂寞無行路
若有人知春去處    喚取歸來同住
春無踪跡誰知      除非問取黃鸝
百囀無人能解      因風吹過薔薇

Late Spring         Huang Ting Jian  (1045-1105)
Tune: Music Serene

O Where did spring go
By herself alone she knows no road
If ever anyone knows her dwelling place
Please call her back to me together we’ll stay

Who’s sure spring has left no trace
Ask the oriole
It sings a hundred tunes for none to know
On wings of wind they fly past the rose

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