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范仲淹 (989-1052) 蘇幕遮

范仲淹 (989-1052)


碧雲天  黃葉地  秋色連波  波上寒煙翠  山映斜陽天接水  芳草無情   更在斜陽外

黯鄉魂  追旅思  夜夜除非  好夢留人睡  明月高樓休獨倚  酒入愁腸   化作相思淚

Fan Zhong Yan  (989-1052)

Tune:  Behind Silk Screens  江紹倫譯

White clouds pale the blue sky
Yellow leaves fill the grounds high
Waves on waves of autumn colours flow
Tethering green mists aglow
On shiny hills sun rays vividly spray
In the horizon water and sky a single display
Whither are you my unfeeling lover
Beyond the setting sun hover

My soul is homebound
Following dreams around
Night after night present and past events meet
Sweet dreams prolong slumbers so neat
Up on the high bower in moonlit nights
‘Tis better not to lean on rails alone
As wines touch bowels in sorrow
Nostalgic thoughts heave and tears roll

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御街行 (宋) 范仲淹 (969-1052)

紛紛墜葉飄香砌           夜寂静             寒聲碎
真珠簾卷玉樓空           天淡銀河垂地
年年今夜          月華如練          長是人千里

愁腸已斷無由醉           酒未到             先成淚
殘燈明滅枕頭倚           諳盡孤眠滋味
都來此事          眉間心上          無計相回避

Tune: Strolling on Royal Walk          Fan Zhong Yan (969-1052)    江紹倫譯

On fragrant steps green leaves shower
In a night still
Broken sounds chill 

Behind rolled up curtains an empty bower
From a pale sky the Milky Ways lower

This night every year
Bright moonlight near
We are a thousand li apart 

A broken heart allows me not to get drunk
Before wines arrive
Tears have my face covered

I rest on my pillow alone in flickering light
To feel the sorrow of a lonely night 

Griefs as they appear
On brows or deep in the heart
Unavoidable they are

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漁家傲 范仲淹(989~1052)



Tune: Fisherman’s Pride                   江紹倫譯

Autumn scene in the frontier looks extraordinary
Wild geese leave not a day too soon in a hurry
From all four corners bugles repeatedly roar
Walled in by peaks
The town gates are lowered before sun-fall

I hold a cup of unstrained wine knowing home is far away
Short of a clear victory any plan to return home is in sway
On frosty grounds foreign flutes tune only doleful says
No one could sleep
Seeing the general’s hair grey soldiers weep

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