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《試譯 ‘This is My Canada’ Chorus》__ 陳瑞文 (71)

Look to the future, learn from the past
Build today and make it last
So much to offer, so much to gain
It takes more than one link to make a chain
So many heroes nationwide
So many hearts filled with pride
There’s so much more to share
Let me take you there

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花樣年華 Florescent Age

作詞:范煙橋 Lyrics: Fan Yanqiao
作曲:林枚 Music: Lin Mei

周旋唱 Sung by Zhou Xuan

In my florescent age, luminal spirit, crystallinus wisdom
La vie en rose, passionate relations, rises a perfect home.

Suddenly—this lone isle is shrouded with tragic mists and forlorn clouds, tragic mists and forlorn clouds.
Ah! When can I return to you, my beloved motherland
To see the mists and clouds dissipate, to see your brilliance again?

Florescent age, luminal spirit.

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