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James Wan ’67 今天的明報丶經濟日報及晴報,刋登了尹冠英的治療腰痛心得及採訪,有空看看。

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How Race-Based Research Will Help Ethnic Communities Fight COVID-19

Are visible minorities in Canada more likely to contract COVID-19? Doctors and community activists say socioeconomic data does show that unequal access to health care can lead to higher coronavirus infection rates among ethnic groups….. (read the whole story).

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尹氏保健系列 – 頭臉按摩法 – 尹冠英 ’67
尹氏保健系列 – 頭臉按摩法

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Click the picture above for more information.

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疫情下反思 – 朱耀祖神經專科醫生 (’71)

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40 Years of Hope

40 years ago this week, on April 12, Terry Fox dipped his foot into the Atlantic Ocean in Newfoundland and transformed the course of cancer research in Canada. The suffering he saw in the cancer wards after his diagnosis compelled him to act. Terry was an innovator, fundraiser, athlete, humanitarian. His Marathon of Hope is turning 40 years old and his message is as timely as ever.

It feels like the world is in a holding pattern, waiting for this global crisis to end but we know that cancer patients can’t wait for this crisis to be over. Nor can the researchers who have made it their life’s work to save lives.

So this week, in honour of Terry, and his dream of a world without cancer, we are asking you to give if you can.

Stay safe, stay hopeful.

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Playing mahjong and betting on horse racing could decrease dementia risk, Hong Kong study finds

Researchers find that intellectual activities such as playing board and card games and betting on races helped to lower risk of developing symptoms ….. read the whole story.

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Music and Memory

Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

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A portal for those approaching 60 and beyond

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