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《長亭怨: 與李天生冬夜宿雁門關作》 屈大均(1630—1696)__ 江紹倫英譯

Qu Da Zun (1630-1696)
記燒燭  Remember the nights we burned candles
雁門高處        High on Wild Geese Pass we settled
積雪封城  Heavy flurries had the city buried in snow
凍雲迷路  Beneath frozen clouds roads not recognizable
添儘香煤  To the stove we kept adding coals
紫貂相擁 夜深語 As we cuddle in mink coats to chat the night through
苦寒如許  Such bitter cold
難和爾  How could I echo
淒涼句  Your verses of sorrow
一片望鄉愁 To our native land we pined
飲不醉  Drinking without drunk
壚頭駝乳  Camel milk warmed on stove

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