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《水調歌頭 • 九月望日》 (與客習射西園,餘偶病不能射) 葉夢得 (1077-1148) __江紹倫英譯

《Tune: Prelude to Water Melody • Written at Mid-Autumn》 Ye Meng De (1077-1148)
霜降碧天靜 Approaching Frost Fest the sky is green and serene
秋事促西風 Harvest activities hurry before winter sets in
寒聲隱地  Sounds of cold winds are heard as they begin
初聽中夜入梧桐 At midnight they get loud as plane leaves spin
起瞰高城回望 I got up to watch from the tower wall
寥落關河千里 Ten thousand miles of hills and rills had fall
一醉與君同 We drink till drunk to share our feelings
疊鼓鬧清曉 Before dawn drums repeatedly call
飛騎引雕弓 Soldiers hurry to mount and bow for war

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