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《百字令·登石頭城》 薩都剌 (1272-1355)__ 江紹倫英譯

《Ascending Jin Ling City》__ Sa Du La (1308-1348)
石頭城上  Up on Jin Ling City
望天低吳楚 The sky low over the southern territory
眼空無物  My eye find nothing more of history
指點六朝形勝地 The many lands of glory in the Six Dynasties
唯有青山如壁 Standing strong are but green hills in dignity
蔽日旌旗  Banners covered sun rays
連雲檣櫓  Sails and oars join the cloud ways
白骨紛如雪 Bones scattered like white snow on sunny days
一江南北  North and south of the Big River
消磨多少豪傑 On test were the wills of how many warriors

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