Category: Poems by – 米芾 (1051-1109)

《浣溪沙•野眺》 米芾(1051-1109)__ 江紹倫英譯

《Tune: Silky Sand Brook•Watching the Wild》 Mi Fei (1051-1109)
日射平溪玉宇中  The sun shines on a namelass brook against a wide sky
雲横遠渚岫重重  Clouds line up mountain ranges with no divide
野花猶向澗邊红  Wild flowers shine the stream banks in red light
静看沙頭鱼入網  I watch leisurely how trapping nets invite fish in
閑支藜杖醉吟風  Leaning on my cane tipsily I sing to the wind
小春天氣惱人濃  Only this unpredictable weather has my mind unsettling
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