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《念奴嬌》  宋江(?-1141) __ 江紹倫英譯

《Tune: Remembering Palace Maid》 Song Jiang (?- 1141)
天南地北  From south of heaven to earth north
問乾坤何處  Where I ask
可容狂客  Could a caring man reside
借得山東煙水寨  I borrow a waterside ford east of the big mount
來買鳳城春色  To imitate the grandeur of the old Capital
翠袖圍香  Young maidens in fragrant clothes
鮫綃籠玉  Women decorated in classy jewels
一笑千金值  Any smile is worth a thousand gold
神仙體態  They appear like angels
薄幸如何銷得  All encounters lead to happiness special

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