Category: Poems by – 王安國 (1028-1074)

《減字木蘭花》王安國(1028-1074)__ 江紹倫英譯

《Tune: Lily Magnolia Short Form》Wang An Guo

畫橋流水                   Beneath the painted bridge waters glide
雨濕落紅飛不起     Wet by rain fallen petals can no longer fly
月破黃昏                   The moon breaks through twilight
簾裡餘香馬上聞     Fragrance from your curtain stays with me on my ride
徘徊不語                   I linger in silence
今夜夢魂何處去     Wondering in tonight’s dreams whither my presence
不似垂楊                   Unlike the free flowing willows
猶解飛花入洞房     They shed catkins to fly visiting your pillows

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