Category: Poems by – 盧炳 (?-1131)

《浣溪沙》盧炳 (宋)

《Tune: Silky Sand Brook》 Lu Bing (Song Dynasty)

水閣無塵午晝長  At the water chamber on the lake days are long and free
薰風十里藕花香  Sweet scent from cooked lotus roots scatters ten li
一番疏雨釀微涼  A momentary drizzle keeps cool the vicinity

旋點新茶消睡思  To dispel catnap thoughts I ask for fresh tea
不將醽醁惱待腸  And refrain from drinking spirits for poetic activity
闌干倚遍挹湖光  I visit rails around the lake to enjoy its total beauty

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