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《醉落魄 * 辛未九月望和答慶符》胡銓(1102-1180) 江紹倫英譯

《醉落魄 * 辛未九月望和答慶符》胡銓(1102-1180)

《Tune: Drunk Unconscious * Written at Full Moon》Hu Quan 

百年强半                      Half is passed in my hundred year life
高秋猶在天南畔          In these late years I am still stationed in swampy south
幽懷已被黃花亂          My wrath is perplexed seeing how daisies thrive
更恨銀蟾                       To the silvery moon I ask for a reply
故向愁人滿                   Why to the griever you singularly shine Continue reading

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