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《Scarborough Bluffs 2》__ Rose Ho

Bluffers Park_2

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《Toogood Pond Park》__ Rose Ho

Album – TooGood Pond 2016 Apr 27s
Toogood Pond
[This is in Markham Unionville when we have our annual Terry Fox Run in September.]

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《Scarborough Bluffs》 __ Rose Ho

Album – Scarborough Bluff Parks 2016 Apr 23sScarborough Bluffs

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《Before the leaves come》___ Rose Ho

Please click the image.

The same trail I walk each time, but the sights are never the same to me….only beautiful…no matter which season, which day.
It gives me inspiration to do up albums.
Of course, it gets my legs (hands, eyes etc.) to exercise too.
Enjoy these thousands and over steps I did the past and this Saturday on the trail.

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《Ice storm in Ontario》__ Rose Ho

16 March 24 (Thursday)Freezing_rain
o Ice storm in Ontario
o Grounds were like skating rinks
o The freezing rain encased everything it touched in ice
o This morning, ice cubes were blown down from trees
o Pedestrians were advised to watch for falling ice
o Over 100,000 homes in Ontario were hit with no power
o Our area was blessed this time, unlike the year of the last polar vortex
This morning (March 25)
o I treaded out to explore
Imagine and Enjoy….. Please click the image

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《Woodbine Beach, Toronto》__ Rose Ho

WoodbineBeach_01Woodbine Beach is the largest of the four beaches in the Beaches in Toronto, located along Lake Shore Boulevard at the foot of Woodbine Avenue.

Click the Album to enjoy a walk along the beach.
Album – Woodbine and Kew Beach 2016 Mar 12s

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2015 Toronto Late Fall Colours __ Rose Ho

LateFallColours Album – Toronto late fall 2015s

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Sampling Islamic Culture by YK Chan

I.M. Pei designed the Islamic Art Museum, which opened in 2008 in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Islamic culture spanned three continents at its peak. For those who have not ventured overseas to the Islamic world, they can have a taste of the rich Islamic art and culture within Canada in Burnaby, BC, or Toronto, ON, where two Ismaili Centres are situated.

The Ismaili Centre in Toronto was opened one year ago. I recently had a chance to visit it and its adjoining Aka Khan Museum, which are located at a convenient site in Don Mills, standing out as a remarkable architecbtural landmark. One can browse the Museum web site (Aga Khan Museum) for detailed information on its events or booking a free guided tour of the Centre. Admission is free after 16h00 on Wednesdays.

The following are some photos I took during my visit.

Slide 1
Slide 2
Slide 3
Slide 4
Slide 5
Slide 6
Slide 7
Slide 8
Slide 9
Slide 10
Slide 11
Slide 12
Slide 13
Slide 14
Slide 15
Slide 16
Slide 17
Slide 18
Slide 19
Slide 20

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《Chinese Aspects of Casa Loma》__ Yu Fong-ying(61)

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Sudbury, Ontario __ Yu Fong Ying (61)

Sudbury was voted the happiest city in Canada among over 30. My friend worked in Laurentian University before his retirement. According to him, the city earned that enviable reputation because it has many lakes, including Lake Heron, and water sports are aplenty! Killarney near by is becoming a tourist attraction.

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