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《溪居》柳宗元(773-819) __江紹倫英譯

《溪居》柳宗元 《My Dwelling by the Stream》Liu Zong Yuan

久爲簪組累  Bound by official girdles for many years
幸此南夷謫  I’m happy to be banished to the wild southern spheres
閑依農圃鄰  In leisure a pastoral neighbor and I make friends
偶似山林客  I am a guest with trees in the hill end to end Continue reading

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《登柳州城楼寄漳、汀、封、连四州刺史》柳宗元 (773 -819) __ 江紹倫英譯

《登柳州城楼寄漳、汀、封、连四州刺史》柳宗元 (773 -819)

城上高楼接大荒        海天愁思正茫茫
惊风乱飐芙蓉水        密雨斜侵薜荔墙
岭树重遮千里目        江流曲似九回肠
共来百粤文身地        犹自音书滞一乡 

《To Friends in Exile》  Liu Zong Yuan  

From this high tower I see only a land untamed
Between sea and sky uneasy thoughts roam with no aim
A sudden gale ruffles the pond stirring lotus in bloom
Heavy rains beat the wall where climbers leave spotty rooms
Dense trees on the hills have views in a thousand li blocked out
Like flexuous bowels rivers meander round and about
Since coming to this uncultured land
Messages between you and I stagnant sent or not sent

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漁翁 柳宗元 (773-819)

Old Fisherman          Liu Zhong Yuan(773—819)江紹倫譯     

An old fisherman moors by the west cliff for the night
At dawn he boils the stream water on a bamboo fire
By sunrise the mist gone he is out of sight
Creaking the oars he enters a world of green admire
Down midstream he turns to view the horizon far away
On cliff tops free clouds chase one another so gay

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飲酒 (唐)柳宗元(773—819)

今夕少愉樂  起坐開清尊
舉觴酹先酒  為我驅憂煩

須臾心自殊  頓覺天地暄
連山變幽晦  綠水函晏溫

藹藹南郭門  樹木一何繁
清陰可自庇  竟夕聞佳言

盡醉無復辭  偃臥有芳蓀
彼哉晉楚富  此道未必存

Drinking           Liu Zong Yuan(773—819)江紹倫譯         

Nothing joyful in view this day at dawn
I get up to open a bottle of clear brew
Let me first thank the Lord of Wine
He helps me dispel all worries in mind

A single draught makes the world different
Everything becomes colourful and exuberant
Mountain scenes open up my mind wide
Blue rivers bring warmth divine

The southgate leads to jubilance
Flourishing trees wave arms in exuberance
Under the cool shades I feel fine
And hear good silent advice into the night

Should anyone say I must decline getting drunk
I lie on the perfume meadow rolling round and round
The rich and successful may say with no experience
There’s no joy in drunkenness

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江雪 (唐) 柳宗元 (773-819)

千山鳥飛絕    萬徑人蹤滅
孤舟蓑笠翁    獨釣寒江雪

River in Snow                         江紹倫譯

A thousand hills where no birds fly
Ten thousand paths no man in sight
A straw-cloaked old man in a lone boat behold
He attempts to fish in a river covered with snow

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晨詣超師院讀禪經 (唐) 柳宗元 (773-819)

汲井漱寒齒   清心拂塵服  閑持貝葉書  步出東齋讀
真源了無取   妄跡世所逐  遺言冀可冥  繕性何由熟
道人庭宇靜   苔色連深竹  日出霧露餘  青松如膏沐
澹然離言說   悟悅心自足

Reading Zen With Master Chao One Early Morning         江紹倫譯

With cold water from the well I rinsed my mouth
Mind unperturbed I cleaned my gown any dust brushed out
Carefully I spread open the Sutra inscribed on durable leaves
To read it outside my study facing east

Buddhism truths their sources are difficult to identify
Many wisdowm seekers tried hard but failed to find
Words of Zen promise the enlightened bliss in Nirvana
O How I’d love to embark on the way to be near the parameter

‘Tis still and serene here in my master’s terrain
Moss verdant adjoin deep bamboo paths their spirit pertain
At dawn traces of mist and dew Nature keeps
Demure pines after overnight baths their fresh looks attract zealous peeps

Master Chao wears a smile saying not a word
He has me enlightened although untaught

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