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《鷓鴣天•題七真洞》 耶律 楚材 (1190-1244)__ 江紹倫英譯

《Tune: Partridge Sky》YeLu ChuCai (1190-1244)
花界傾頹事已遷  The temple collapsed nothing is the same
浩歌遙望意茫然  To recall the grand songs of yore is in vain
江山王氣空千劫  Hills and rills ruined in dynastic change
桃李春風又一年  Plums and peaches bring in another year in exchange
橫翠嶂  Green trees form screens horizontal
架寒烟  Mists hang cold
野花平草怨啼鵑  Wildflowers and cuckoo calls open the land portal
不知何限人間夢  Who knows the time-space limits of dreams
并觸愁思到酒邊  In sorrow I taste the sweetness of the wine-cup rim
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《西域從王君玉吃荼》耶律楚材(1190-1244) 江紹倫英譯

《Drink Tea with Wang in the Western Region》Ye Lu Chu Cai

啜罷江南一碗茶  After drinking a bowl of tea south of the river
枯腸曆曆走雷車  My dry guts rumble loud like a speeding car
黃金小碾飛瓊雪  The golden grinder reduces the tea leaves tiny
碧玉深甌點雪芽  The green container holds dots of tender white leaves Continue reading

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