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《新年作》劉長卿(709-780) 江紹倫譯

《新年作》劉長卿(709-780)《Written on New Year’s Day》   Liu Changqing

鄉心新歲切   Approaching New Year’s Day my homesickness grows
天畔獨潸然   Tears are usual in this distant land as time unfolds
老至居人下   In old age I regret being under the commands of generals
春歸在客先   Spring recurs to my chance of going home remains unsettled
嶺猿同旦暮   How I loathe spending my days with only monkeys in sight
江柳共風煙   Amid winds and mists my only friends are willows at riverside
已似長沙傅   Captive like the prince’s teacher in the Capital
從今又幾年   How long will I be bound to this place how old

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《送靈澈上人》 (唐)劉長卿

蒼蒼竹林寺    杳杳鐘聲晚
荷笠帶夕陽    青山獨歸遠

Seeing Monk Ling Che on His Way         江紹倫譯

Green green the temple stands
Late late vespers toll
His straw cloak bearing the setting sun
He stalks the green hills to go far

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《尋南溪常山道人隱居》 (唐) 劉長卿

一路經行處   莓苔見履痕
白雲依靜渚   春草閉閑門
過雨看松色   隨山到水源
溪花與禪意   相對亦忘言

Visiting Daoist Chang by the Stream           江紹倫譯

Along the way I had become aware
Footprints touched the moss ground to tear
White clouds nestle above to shade the moor
Lush grass stopped in front of the solitary door
Clean pine needles tell me about visits of rain
I follow the mountain path to reach the spring
Between wild flowers and Chan wisdom I contemplate
No words are needed to communicate

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