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《山石》 韓愈 (768-824) 江紹倫英譯

《Mountain Rocks》Han Yu

山石犖確行徑微  The mountain path is narrow between jagged rocks craggy
黃昏到寺蝙蝠飛  Bats flutter overhead as I arrive at the temple toward eve
升堂坐階新雨足  After the stairs I sit down my feet are wet with rain
芭蕉葉大梔子肥  Broad leaf banana trees grow beside fat elecampane
僧言古壁佛畫好  A monk shows me the Buddha murals on an ancient wall
以火來照所見稀  He illuminates the art work magnificent and tall
鋪床拂席置羹飯  My bed is prepared and a meal is carefully set
疏糲亦足飽我饑  The coarse rice and vegetables keep me adequately fed Continue reading

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