Category: Poems by – 丘逢甲 (1864-1912)

《春愁》《離台詩》《元夕無月》《山村即目(三首)》《舟中望荼盤山》 丘逢甲(1864-1912) 江紹倫英譯

《春愁》  《Spring Sorrow》Qiu Feng Jia

春愁難遣強看山  Spring sorrow lingers I look up the mountain
往事驚心淚欲潸  Past events frightful tears ready to fountain
四百萬人同一哭  Four million countrymen cry in unison
*去年今日割台灣  A year ago this day Taiwan was in cessation *(17 April 1895) Continue reading

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