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《水調歌頭 – 甲午》梁啟超 (1873-1929)江紹倫英譯

梁啟超_1《Tune: Prelude to Water Melody – Unequal Treaties of 1895》Leung Qi Chao

拍碎雙玉鬥  A pair of national gems shattered
慷慨一何多  How very generous
滿腔都是血淚  A song made up by tears and bleeding
無處著悲歌  No sign of grieving

三百年來王氣  Three hundred years of imperial comforts
滿目山河依舊  Hills and rills in same old consort
人事竟如何  Why change the governing put-up

百戶尚牛酒  Hundreds of nobles in hard drinking
四塞已干戈  All four frontiers in fighting
千金劍  Swords in gold
萬言策  Lengthy plans on hold
兩蹉跎  They are but shows

醉中呵壁自語  When drunken one engages in rambling
醒後一滂沱  When awake drown in heavy raining
不恨年華去也  Care not time and life energy gone
只恐少年心事  Fear youthful thoughts and acts revolutionary
強半為銷磨  Half exerted void of productivity

願替眾生病  I accede to bear the ills of our people
稽首禮維摩  I bow to Buddha for wise counsel

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《Self-exhortation Two Verses)》Leung Qi Chao梁啟超

平生最惡牢騷語  I have always disliked words babbling
作態呻吟苦恨誰  Bustling moans would find no willing recipient
萬事禍為福所倚  Ten thousand misfortunes arise from ready dependency
百年力與命相持  A hundred years of diligence prevails with destiny

立身豈患無餘地  Self-actualization will further opportunities plenty
報國惟憂或後時  Caring for the motherland must never be tardy
未學英雄先學道  Learning to know The Way should precede heroic wishes
肯將榮瘁校群兒  I am content to ground my effulgence with peer successes Continue reading

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