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《柳梢青.春感》劉辰翁(1232-1297) 江紹倫英譯

鐵馬蒙氈  銀花洒淚  春入愁城  笛裡番腔  街頭戲鼓  不是歌聲Liu Chenweng

那堪獨坐青燈  想故國  高台月明  輦下風光  山中歲月  海上心情

《Tune: Green Willow Tendrils. Spring Thoughts》Liu Chenweng (1232-1297)

Armored steeds and woolen Mongol tents heavy
In memory silver lantern lights tears many
This spring the Capital is in captivity
Mongol flutes toot out songs northern
Drums roll at random on streets sudden
They are music heathen Continue reading

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