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《念奴娇. 追思焦裕禄 (1990)》习近平(1953– ) 江紹倫英譯

《Tune: Charm of a Maiden Dancer_Remembering Jiao Yulu(1990)》Xi Jinping

魂飞万里  Your soul in ten thousand li divagates
盼归来  Its return I pray
此山此水此地  To this our hills rills and land
百姓谁不爱好官  Who among our people loves not a good public servant
把泪焦桐成雨  See the huge Jiao Tongs your rainy tears have grown
生也沙丘  On this sand dune you strived alone
死也沙丘  On this sand dune your life in doom
父老生死系  Bound in life and death with people young and old
暮雪朝霜  Through eve snows and twilight frosts
毋改英雄意气  Your heroic spirit insistent Continue reading

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