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《送東萊王學士無競》 陳子昂 (661-702) __ 江紹倫譯

寶劍千金買  平生未許人
懷君萬裡別  持贈結交親
孤松宜晚歲  眾木愛芳春
已矣將何道  無令白發新

Parting Gift                Chen Zhi Ang (661-702)   江紹倫譯

I bought this sword with a thousand gold
Never had I allowed anyone to hold

You are now going ten thousand li away
I give it to you as companion on your way

Pines love to breathe the wintry air
Other trees thrive in spring air

What more is there to say
Waste no words so my hair will slowly grey

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登幽州台歌 (唐)陳子昂 (661~702)

前不見古人             後不見來者
念天地之悠悠          獨愴然而涕下

Ascending Youzhou Tower      江紹倫譯

Great men of history are not seen here
Those to follow are yet to appear
The universe revolves in orderly motion
I stand here in tears feeling uncertain

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