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《賀新郎 • 寄李伯紀丞相》 張元幹(1091-1161) __ 江紹倫英譯

《Tune: For the Bridegroom • To Prime Minister Lee》 Zhang Yuen Gan (1091-1161)

曳杖危樓去  I ascent the tower helped by my cane
斗垂天  The Big Dipper hangs
滄波萬頃  In the river billows surge high and wide
月流煙渚  On the foggy landing the moon shines
掃盡浮雲風不定  Clouds driven away winds remain
未放扁舟夜渡  No boat will carry me over the river tonight
宿雁落  Wild geese roost
寒蘆深處  Deep in reeds
悵望關河空弔影  Here I look for my lone shadow
正人間鼻息鳴鼉鼓  Where people dwell snoring rise like drumming
誰伴我  Who would keep step with me
醉中舞  To dance in drunken spree Continue reading

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《贺新郎 送胡邦衡待制赴新州》 張元幹 (1091-1170) 江紹倫英譯

Celebrating with the Bridegroom  Seeing Hu Quan off Banished South
Zhang Yuan Gan (1091-1170)

夢繞神州路  Haunted by dreams of lost country and shame
悵秋風  Autumn winds complain
連營畫角  Among tents bugles drearily blow
故宮離黍  The palace deserted weeds overgrow
底事昆侖傾砥柱  How could the kingdom fall in a sudden
九地黃流亂注  On nine towns the Yellow River wildly flow
聚萬落千村狐兔  Ten thousand villagers overrun by Jerchen foes
天意從來高難問  This will of heaven we should never question
況人情老易悲如許  Humiliation easily forgotten sadness knows no relief
更南浦  South you go
送君去  I bid you adieu  Continue reading

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