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《初識茶花》陳與義(1090-1138) 江紹倫英譯

《初識茶花》陳與義(1090-1138)  《First Encounter with Tea Flower》Chen Yu Yi

伊軋籃輿不受催  Bamboo sedan carriers sing as they slowly go
湖南秋色更佳哉  Autumn scenes south of the lake are beautiful to behold
青裙玉面初相識  Tea leaves and flowers are my first encounters
九月茶花滿路開  In the ninth moon they are wherever I saunter

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《臨江仙夜登小閣,憶洛中舊遊》陳與義 (1090-1138) 江紹倫英譯

憶昔午橋橋上飲   坐上多是豪英   長溝流月去無聲   杏花疏影裡    吹笛到天明

二十餘年如一夢   此身雖在堪驚   閒登小閣看新晴   古今多少事    漁唱起三更

 《Immortals by the River  Remembering Friends Travelling Together in Old Times》  Chen Yu Yi (1090-1138)

Remember on the Noon Bridge we used to drink
Bright wits of the day joined in
The crescent moon waned leaving silence in
Sitting ‘neath lacy shadows of apricot flowers
We played flute music till the dawn hours

Twenty odd years gone dream in a whistle
Alive I’m surprised knowing none be immortal
Carefree I mount the tower to watch the new moon shine
How many events past and present could survive
Hear the fisherman sing after midnight

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