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回鄉偶書 (唐) 賀知章

少小離鄉老大回      鄉音難改鬢毛衰
兒童相見不相識      笑問客從何處來

On Homecoming                                江紹倫譯

I left home while young and return in old age
My speech remains same while my scanty hair grows grey
Children here see me but know not my identity
Beaming they ask where I came originally

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詠柳 (唐)賀知章 (659~744)

碧玉妝成一樹高      萬條垂下綠絲絛
不知細葉誰裁出      二月春風似剪刀

The Willow                             江紹倫譯

Emeralds adorn trees tall and green
Ten thousand hanging branches wavy and thin
Would you know who cared for these fine leaves
Spring winds in March as crisp as scissors

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