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芙蓉樓送辛漸 (唐)王昌齡(698-756)

寒雨連江夜入吳    平明送客楚山孤
洛陽親友如相問    一片冰心在玉壺

Adieu Xin Jian            Wang Chang Ling(698-756)江紹倫譯

You and I arrived at City Wu in cold rain last evening
By the solitary Chu Mountain I bid you farewell this morning
If my kins in the Capital should inquire about my well being
Tell them my mind is cool as ice in a wine jar made of jade

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出塞 (唐)王昌齡(698-756)

秦時明月漢時關    萬里長征人未還
但使龍城飛將在    不教胡馬度陰山

On the Frontier          Wang Chang Ling (698-756)江紹倫譯

The moon of the Chin Dynasty now shines on the gates of Han
Guarding the Great Wall a thousand li many warriors are no longer around
Were the Speedy General of Dragon City still abound
No Tartar steed would be allowed this side of Yin Shen

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塞下曲 (唐)王昌齡

飲馬渡秋水  水寒風似刀
平沙日未沒  黯黯見臨洮
昔日長城戰   咸言意氣高
黃塵足今古   白骨亂蓬蒿

On the Front                                       江紹倫譯       

My horse had its drink while crossing the autumn river
With freezing water and sharp wind it felt like having a sword sever
On the dessert plain the sun was vivid after setting
In the gathering darkness I saw the distant town Lintao looming
Battles were waged at the Great Wall in by-gone days
What noble spirit past heroes had displayed
Events old and new now buried under sand no longer pertain
Where scanty weeds grow white bones remain

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