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《Hearing a Flute at Spring Night》 Li Yi

寒山吹笛喚春歸  A flute sings on Cold Hill to call back spring
遷客相看淚滿衣  Travelers face one another their tears rain
洞庭一夜無窮雁  Geese fly over Lake Dong Ting all night to flee
不待天明盡北飛  They horridly head north before dawn appears

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《江南曲》《敦煌曲子詞: 菩薩蠻》《敦煌曲子詞: 浣溪沙》李益 (748-821) 江紹倫英譯

《江南曲》李益 (748-821)《A Song from the South》Li Yi

嫁得瞿塘賈  Since I became a roving merchant’s wife

朝朝誤妾期  I miss his presence every day in my life

早知潮有信  If I knew the rhythmic trust of the tide

嫁與弄潮兒  I would choose to be a sailor’s bride  Continue reading

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Tang Poems__荊叔, 柳中庸, 李益

Jing Shu_1On the Ci En Pagoda__Jing Shu   荊叔

To whom the hills and rills of the Han Dynasty now own

Great Emperor Chin’s tomb is deep with wild grass overgrown

Girding the central plateau plain a thousand li of mountains loom

Every inch of this terrain stands witness to human sorrow and moan

A Soldier’s Complaint__Lu Zhong Yong   柳中庸Lu Zhong Yong_1

I fought at GoldRiver and JadePass year after year

Each day I held my sword on my steed I fiercely reined

Three springs in a roll soldiers’ tombs are covered by snow

Mother River girds the Black Mount for miles its water yellow

Pipe Music at Surrender Town__Li Yi   李益Li Yi_1

Sands on the foot of Mount Hui Le is white as snow

Above the Surrender Town the frosty moon hangs high

A pipe song lingers from where’re no one knows

Warriors lie homesick awake throughout the night

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