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過酒家 (唐) 王績 (590-644)

此日長昏飲    非關養性靈
眼看人盡醉    何忍獨為醒

Passing the Tavern     Wang Ji                                   江紹倫譯

This day I drink drunk all day
‘Tis not for keeping my body and soul in good state
As most people are drunk everyday
Why should I alone be sober any day

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野望 (唐) 王績 (590-644)

東皋薄暮望    徙倚欲何依
樹樹皆秋色    山山唯落暉
牧人驅犢返    獵馬帶禽歸
相顧無相識    長歌懷采薇

Wilderness View                    Wang Ji                      江紹倫譯

On the eastern landing at dusk I come to see
Loitering I know not wither I should be
Trees after trees all dressed in autumn hue
Hill on hill the setting sun paints a beautiful view
Shepherds lead their herds home delightful
Hunters and steed carry prey so plentiful
Here I have no one to call my company
I sing hermit songs from memory

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