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《宴山亭 北行见杏花》趙佶 (1082-1135) _ 宋徽宗_江紹倫譯

《宴山亭 北行见杏花》 趙 (1082-1135)  宋徽Songhuizong_10

裁剪冰绡  轻叠数重  淡着燕脂匀注
新样靓妆  艳溢香融  羞杀蕊珠宫女
易得凋零  更多少  无情风雨
愁苦  问院落凄凉  几番春暮

凭寄离恨重重  者双燕何曾  会人言语
天遥地远  万水千山  知他故宫何处
怎不思量  除梦里有时曾去
无据  和梦也新来不做

Tune: Hillside Pavilion_Zhao Ji (1082-1135) [Emperor of Song Dynasty]

Like finely cut silky petals
Layers of ice-white sensual
Light evenly touched shades
Your new make-up so beautiful
Fragrance augments charm so delightful
Rendering palace maids shy and shameful
How easily time and events fade
Through heartless wind and rain
Sad and pain
Ask the dreary courtyard
How many springs had been spent in vain

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