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落葉哀蟬曲 (漢武帝) 劉徹 (156-87 BC)

羅袂兮無聲              玉墀兮塵生
虛房冷而寂寞           落葉依於重扃
望彼美之女兮安得   感余心之未寧

Song of Fallen Leaves and Plaintive Cicada       Liu Che                 江紹倫譯

Her silky sleeves rustle without sound
The marble steps gather dust around
Empty is her bower cold and dreary
Fallen leaves outside pile up in heaps hilly
How I look for you my love only in vain
How could my heart rest and be rid of pain

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秋風辭 (漢武帝) 劉徹 (156-87 BC)

秋風起兮白雲飛  草木黃落兮雁南歸
蘭有秀兮菊有芳   懷佳人兮不能忘
泛樓船兮濟汾河   橫中流兮揚素波
簫鼓鳴兮發棹歌   歡樂極兮哀情多

Song of Autumn Wind
Emperor of Han Dynasty) Liu Che (156-87 BC)    江紹倫譯

Autumn winds rise to help white clouds glide
When yellow grass withers and sends geese southward fly
Orchids display their elegance and mums sweet scent
My love how I pine for you when you are out of sight

On a bark to cross the river I hurry to be with you
At midstream ripples turn white and keep my boat behind
The rhythm of drums and pipes sound the rowing song
Excitement when spent subsides as sad feelings rise

The time of youth will cede as old age comes in sight

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