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春到南樓雪盡  驚動燈期花信  小雨一番寒  倚闌幹

莫把闌幹倚  一望幾重煙水  何處是京華  暮雲遮

Moqi Yong
Tune: Lament of Princess Zhao Jun    江紹倫譯

Snow gone when spring arrives at Southern Bower
Flower Fest and Lantern Days are here
A light rain brings back the chill
I lean on the rail

To what avail do I lean on the rail
I see only multiple folds of misty hills
Where is my old Capital
Behind the veil of evening clouds hanging tall

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长相思__万俟咏 (1100 -?)

長相思(雨)萬俟咏 (?-?)…………….粤语:萬俟[mak6 kei4 ] 音[ 陌奇]

一聲聲  一更更
窗外芭蕉窗裏燈  此時無限情

夢難成  恨難平
不道愁人不喜聽  空階滴到明

Tune:  Eternal Longing (rain)   Moqi Yong  (?-?)  江紹倫譯

Drip after drip
Hour after hour
I wait by the candlelight
Listening to raindrops beat banana leaves outside
I long for you every night

No dreams
Nor ease of sorrow
Rains care not how I dislike sounds they make
They beat the marble steps till morning

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